Lobster and Chowder

Lobster and Chowder

Two sure-fire winners make up this mail order seafood selection.  And it happens with amazing ease, ordered online and delivered to your door.  It’s your best bet for menu success.


Legal’s famous award-winning New England Clam Chowder sets the stage for a fantastic meal.  Creamy, rich, and loaded with clams, it’s a bowl of Yankee goodness that has satisfied discriminating locals for over 60 years.  No short cuts here – we blend cream, butter, seasonings and an abundance of sweet clams to create this hearty chowder.  It’s so reliable and irresistible that it’s been served at Presidential Inaugurations since 1981!  That’s an enviable popularity voting record. 


Polish off your chowder and proceed to the star of the show.  Hard-shell primo lobsters are pretty perfect, and those graded and accepted by Legal Sea Foods are guaranteed to be without flaw.  From tail to claw to body, you’ll enjoy every morsel of these tender

creatures.  And you’ll do it with ease.


Dinner for two includes:

  • Two 1.25 lb-1.50 lb live Legal Lobsters
  • One quart of New England Clam Chowder
  • Claw Cracker Kits
  • Cooking Instructions Pamphlet
cooked lobsters (no additional charge)
1¼ lb. Add to cart
1½ lb. Add to cart
1¾ lb. Add to cart
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