Legal Extras

Legal Extras
  • Apron


    Our own Freddie the Fish is "Fishing for Compliments" on this snappy apron that's great for the at-home chef on your list. And you can customize it with your company logo or slogan for personalized business gifts. ...

  • Legal Sea Foods Cookbook

    Legal Sea Foods Cookbook

    By Roger Berkowitz and Jane Doerfer Illustrated by Edward Koren Much more than a cookbook, this is the ultimate sourcebook from America’s seafood specialists! Favorite recipes range from appetizers such as Crab Cakes and Stuffed Grape Leaves to entrees like Bluefish with Almond Tomat...

  • Legal T- Shirts

    Legal T- Shirts

    Choose from three t-shirts based on our vintage designs: I Got Scrod (Red): We first made this shirt in the 70's Legal Cash Stamp (Gray): Legal Sea Foods was named after the Legal Cash Market where customers paid with Legal Stamps. This shirt is money. That Fishy Place (White): This desi...

  • Lobster Pot

    Lobster Pot

    A reusable, enameled lobster pot enhances the "Legal" dining experience. Cooks 2-4 lobsters depending on their size. ...

  • Oyster Knife

    Oyster Knife

    They may not look fancy — but here at Legal, we believe they are the very best! That’s why our expert shuckers use these pointed-tip knives in all our restaurants. Durable and dishwasher safe, these knives will help you open stubborn shellfish with confidence and ease. Whether you are...

  • Potholder


    Versatile, washable, and endlessly re-usable, our Legal Sea Foods quilted potholder is a unique way to present a gift certificate or just a fun way to remember your seafood cooking experience. ...