Surf and Turf Packages

Surf and Turf Packages
  • Filet and King Crab Legs

    Filet and King Crab Legs

    We've paired premier steak with royalty from the sea, and delivered a delicious and harmonious whole. Top grade, ultra-tender filets present a scrumptious contrast in both taste and texture to our meaty jumbo-sized crab legs. You'll be hard-pressed to pick a favorite with this plate. They're both a...

  • Filet and Lobster

    Filet and Lobster

    Tailored for the most sophisticated palate, a filet and lobster dish is a superb choice for anniversaries and special recognitions. Who can ask for anything more? It's the best of each, from land to sea, and we ship it all with convenience and the utmost quality. No white tablecloth restaurant does...

  • Filet Mignon & Twin Tails

    Filet Mignon & Twin Tails

    Excellence and ease in one mouthwatering package. Beautiful, meltingly tender, all-meat filet mignon is truly the king of steaks, yummy to the last bite. Alongside, we feature the most exquisite part of a prime lobster, the meaty tail, perfectly packaged in it's ruby red shell. Such luxury! Splurge...

  • Filet, Lobster, Shrimp Cocktail

    Filet, Lobster, Shrimp Cocktail

    Searching for the ultimate gift? Send our top-of-the-line luxury meal right to their door. Steak, lobster and shrimp, oh my, better bring your appetite. This all-out- glamour package is also available as a gift certificate for convenient gift-giving. We make it so easy to make you look good! ...

  • Sirloin and Lobster

    Sirloin and Lobster

    This duo is honestly as good as you remember it from your childhood days visiting a 'grown-up' restaurant. If you haven't thought about this classic for a while, now's a great time to get re-acquainted with Surf 'n' Turf. You'll quickly see why this was the "it" dish on menus, year after year. Beca...

  • Sirloin and Shrimp Cocktail

    Sirloin and Shrimp Cocktail

    One is served icy from the sea, the other hot and sizzling. This New England favorite unites two distinct tastes for an unbeatable combination. It's the classiest two-course dinner you can put on the table, and it takes just a phone call or computer click to work the magic. Let us show you how... ...

  • Steak Tips, Shrimp and Chowder

    Steak Tips, Shrimp and Chowder

    Legal's favorite, this no-fuss surf and turf is a delightful combination of signature flavors. Begin with our award-winning heat and eat New England Clam Chowder. Next, savor cooked fresh jumbo shrimp cocktail, sweet and tangy. Then get down to the centerpiece of the spread: our pre-cut, juicy, mar...

  • Surf and Turf Supreme

    Surf and Turf Supreme

    For very important evenings or just personal moments made important by your thoughtfulness, this is how you celebrate life's big deals. Show your guests how special they are by lavishing them with this top-of-the-line dinner extravaganza. What's been overlooked? Absolutely nothing. Who knew such ...

  • Twin Tails, Filet Mignon, and Chowder