Lobster Meat

Lobster Meat

Need a top-shelf seafood ingredient that’s worth every penny?  Our pre-cooked and shucked lobster meat is exactly that   pure and simple but oh so good!  Whether you choose tails only or a scrumptious blend of tail, knuckle, and claw meat, this convenient component will shine in your own homemade salads and sandwiches.  Culled from our best Legal Difference hard-shell lobsters, the meat is sweet, plump, juicy and uniquely lobster-y.  P.S.  You don’t need to be a native New Englander to understand what that means!  Your taste buds will do the translation…


Carefully picked lobster meat is a kitchen convenience in itself.  So too is the opportunity to order online.  All you’ll need to do is accept the delivery and start creating a meal.


Choose from

  • One lb. of Lobster Tails (approx. 4-6 tails) 


  • One lb. of Mixed Lobster Meat (tail, knuckle and claw meat)
*All lobster meat is pre-cooked and not suggested for re-heating.
Lobster Meat- Lb.  $61.95   400L  Add to cart
Lobster Tails- Lb. (approx.4-6)  $82.95   500T  Add to cart
For large volume orders, give us a call at 1-800-343-5804
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