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  • Legal Signature Filet Mignon

    Considered the king of cuts, our ultra-tender 6 oz. Signature Filet Mignon is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Sent as a mail order gift, this filet mignon will melt any recipient's heart and thrill their taste buds. A classic on steak house menus for years, it's often viewed as a 'special occasio...

  • Legal Choice Sirloin Steaks

    No cattle rancher ever had it so good. Your guests will swoon over the rich flavor of these 8 oz. sirloin strip steaks. Hearty with a satisfying chew, these grilling favorites will definitely please the meat lovers at your table. Legal's prime source delivers this package on the precise date you c...

  • Marinated Steak Tips

    Basic, unfussy, and still perfect for any occasion, our Chop House marinated steak tips are juicy and tender. No fancy steakhouse does it better, and you'll go to these flavorful steak tips every time for their convenience, adaptability, and just plain deliciousness. Each package is 1 lb. of pre-c...