Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Our plump and tender sea scallops arrive wrapped in the highest quality apple-smoked bacon, an unmistakable sweet and savory flavor that will hook your palate. Available as a 6 pack.
  • Six Large Applewood Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops
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    Bacon-Wrapped Scallops Reviews

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    I don't know what you mean by
    Jul 23, 2018  |  By Marsha Gioffredi
    4.4 star rating
    Matt and Julie loved them!

    Aug 5, 2019  |  By Deloris Owens
    4.4 star rating
    Scallops arrived thawed out, had to cook immediately!

    Bacon wrapped scallops
    Dec 2, 2019  |  By Dana Mendel
    4.4 star rating
    The scallops were delicious, but smaller than I had anticipated.

    Dec 16, 2019  |  By Charles Gomes
    4.4 star rating
    I barbecued these and they were delicious.

    Great Product
    Dec 30, 2019  |  By Charles Gomes
    4.4 star rating
    We were able to share the bacon-wrapped scallops with friends & families over the holidays and were loved. I barbecued them.

    Great scallops
    Dec 30, 2019  |  By Kelly
    4.4 star rating
    Cook the bacon before cooking the scallops in the oven. The scallops were perfect!

    Dec 30, 2019  |  By Julie Koris
    4.4 star rating
    Arrived on time and well received