Twin Lobster Tails

Harvested from the cold waters of the North Atlantic, our twin lobster tails are frozen at the peak of sweetness for your enjoyment. Whether you steam them, broil them, or grill them, our twin tails are easy to cook and even easier to enjoy!
  • Two 4-5 oz. Raw Lobster Tails in the Shell

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Twin Lobster Tails Reviews

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Lobster tails and lobster/filet deluveties
Dec 30, 2019  |  By William Stone
4.9 star rating
Excellent delivery of two orders-one to Florida and one to Illinois

Delicious Lobster Tails
Dec 30, 2019  |  By The Roberts
4.9 star rating
We have had lobster tails delivered to my mother-in-law for several years and they have always been fantastic. This year was no different!!

Lobster Tails
Dec 30, 2019  |  By Faye Wilkerson
4.9 star rating
oh how I miss eating at Legal Seafood. During my time employed at Tufs New England Medical Center, My co-workers, and i went to LS at least once a week. I contemplated weeks, and months before placing my order. The order arrived within 2 days. I made the crab cakes, and Lobster tails Sunday, and I have nothing to say but, Oh so sweet, and delicioussssssssssssss.

Christmas Dinner
Dec 30, 2019  |  By Anne Lehr
4.9 star rating
Tails were delicious with filet mignon making a great Surf and Turf. Lobster tender and flavorful. A big hit!!

Always a winner!
Dec 30, 2019  |  By Laura
4.9 star rating
As expected, the lobsters I ordered were delish and the orders I placed around the holidays all arrived on the expected date and time. Legal Seafood delivers on their promises and the food is always excellent.

great gift
Jul 22, 2019  |  By Louise Moccia
4.9 star rating
arrived looking good, excellent quality

Best Lobster Tails
Jun 23, 2019  |  By Marsha Held
4.9 star rating
My husband ordered these for my birthday. He knows how much I love cold water lobster, and it's pretty tough to find in Arizona. I cooked them per the instructions, and they were definitely better than any lobster we have ordered in a restaurant in the Tucson area. I just wish Legal Seafood offered a discount to have these shipped once every month. I would definitely sign up!

Lobster tails were excellent.
Jun 10, 2019  |  By Norman Nelson
4.9 star rating
Everything about ordering and eating the lobster tails was excellent. Website was easy to use, price was reasonable, the order arrived on the day promised in excellent condition and totally frozen, instructions were easy to follow and the meal was delicious. We are fans!

Great Mother's Day Present.
May 13, 2019  |  By Jill Rosenthal
4.9 star rating
Makes a great surprise present when one runs out of ideas. Mom loved it. Thanks.

on time
Mar 9, 2019  |  By michael
4.9 star rating
made my order, received order very fast and food was great

Mar 5, 2019  |  By Gary
4.9 star rating
Everything is always great, every time we order. Love the food.

Great Birthday Dinner
Feb 25, 2019  |  By Craig Bunnell
4.9 star rating
Sent 22 lobster tails for my mother's 96th birthday. Second year in a row I've done this. They were fantastic! She, and the entire family, loved them. Incredibly easy to prepare--and delicious.

Twin Lobster Tails
Jan 17, 2019  |  By Patricia
4.9 star rating
small but very tasty

Perfect Tails
Dec 1, 2018  |  By Mike
4.9 star rating
After following the cooing instructions these lobster tails tasted exactly how they should. I would recommend these to anyone who cannot get fresh lobster tails where they live.

Sweet and delish
Sep 16, 2018  |  By Gracia
4.9 star rating
Very go9d

lobster tails
Sep 15, 2018  |  By curtis young
4.9 star rating
just the best

Household Executive
Jun 19, 2018  |  By R. Burnham
4.9 star rating
The lobster tails arrived completely frozen and I placed them in the freezer for the following week. They were absolutely delicious. We also enjoyed our Cream of Crab Soup....a great plus,

Best Lobster in Indiana
Jun 9, 2018  |  By JANET BARBER
4.9 star rating
Order handled efficiently and lobster tails arrived right on time for a special dinner. They were excellent and better than any others we can get in local restaurants. So glad to also have those special dinner rolls from Legal. They made the meal!

Best Ever!
Jun 4, 2018  |  By Susan Farina
4.9 star rating
First time ordering lobster tails from Legal Seafood and was not disappointed. They were very tasty and fresh. Living in FLorida makes it difficult to get cold water tails. But not anymore! Will definitely be ordering these again.

First Time Order
May 27, 2018  |  By Bob Peak
4.9 star rating
I have enjoyed oysters at your downtown Boston location. So I thought I would order the lobster tails for my mother for Mothers Day. She is 85 years old and had no problem preparing the lobster tails. My mother commented on the freshness and great flavor. I would recommend to others to give it a try.