Lobster and Filet

Tailored for the most sophisticated palate, a filet and lobster dish is a superb choice for anniversaries and special recognitions. Who can ask for anything more? It's the best of each, from land to sea, and we ship it all with convenience and the utmost quality. No white tablecloth restaurant does this pairing better.

For Two:
  • Two Live or Pre-Cooked Legal Lobsters
  • Two 6 oz. Legal Signature Filet Mignons
  • Claw Cracker Kits
  • For Four:
  • Four Live or Pre-Cooked Legal Lobsters
  • Four 6 oz. Legal Signature Filet Mignons
  • Claw Cracker Kits
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    Lobster and Filet Reviews

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    Celebrating our first Grandchild!
    Oct 5, 2020  |  By JoAnn Francisconi
    4 star rating
    We heard from our daughter and son-in-law that everything was delicious. They throughly enjoyed their meal on the first night home! Lobster bisque was a big hit too!

    You went over and above to fix a problem out of your control
    Dec 28, 2019  |  By Elisa Cain
    4 star rating
    Delivery was not on time due to FEDEX. Order showed up with cracked lobsters and dead lobsters. You resent the order and made up for it. Customer service was great!

    Filet was great, one lobster was squashed
    Dec 20, 2019  |  By Kelly Kilfoyle
    4 star rating
    Bought as a gift for my sister and brother in law in FL. Filets were great but one lobster was crushed so much that one of its claws was off. Box was in fine condition so it must have happened when the lobster was caught or loaded for shipment. Probably wouldn't order again given the fact that shipping the lobster was what we really wanted (anyone can ship meat)