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Swordfish Steaks and Succulent Shrimp

Swordfish Steaks and Succulent Shrimp

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About the Swordfish:

These Swordfish are wild caught using the longline method, one fish at a time. Quick frozen to lock in peak freshness, texture, and flavor. Swordfish steaks, known as the “Prime Rib of the Sea”, are meaty and moist with a mild, slightly sweet flavor profile.

Quantity: (4) 6 oz portions Swordfish, 2lb of Jumbo Raw Shrimp, (2) 2oz Containers Cajun Spice, (1) 8oz container Garlic Herb Butter

Serves: 4


Swordfish Steak Hook & Line, Pacific & Indian Ocean, Skinless 

Jumbo Raw Shrimp

13-15 shrimp / pound

Allergens: Shellfish (shrimp)

Roasted Garlic Butter

Unsalted butter (cream (milk), natural flavoring), kosher salt, garlic confit puree (olive oil, garlic, water), fresh lemon juice (premium juice from gently squeezed fresh lemons (mildly pasteurized for enhanced food safety)), parsley, lemon zest

Allergens: Milk

Preparation & Handling

Thawing Instructions: Remove frozen portions from outer bag. Keep fish in sealed packing. Thaw in refrigerator overnight or for 8 hours. For quicker thawing, place sealed packed fish under cold running water for 5 to 7 minutes or until thawed. Remove plastic after thawing.

Handling Instructions: Do not refreeze. Thawed fish can be stored under refrigeration for up to two days. Once thawed, pat dry of any excess moisture.

Cooking Instructions: Can be broiled, baked, fried, pan seared or steamed. Cook 8 to 12 minutes until internal temperature reaches minimum 145°F for at least 15 seconds.

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