About Mail Order


Since 1975, Legal Sea Foods has been shipping the same high quality seafood products made famous in our restaurants, to sea-foodies all over the Continental U.S. in as little as 24 hours.

Mail Order History

What and How?

Five simple steps to culinary excellence!

Mail Order Step 1

1) Create your own seafood combo from a wide array of delectable fresh seafood items.

Mail Order Step 2

2) Select your own convenient delivery date!

Mail Order Step 3

3) We pack it to perfection- complete with cooking instructions and coolants (dry ice for non-live/frozen items OR frozen ice packs for live items).

Mail Order Step 4

4) We deliver to your recipients as little as 2 business days!

Mail Order Step 5

5) Upon arrival, there are oohs-and- ahhs a plenty!