Seacuterie Board

Your summertime charcuterie inspiration is here with a seaside twist—the Seacuterie! This crab-tivating seafood board is assembled with the freshest offerings from our online shop.

Brought to you by @mainely_flour

Seacuterie Board


  • 2 Live Gulf of Maine Lobsters, cooked
  • Dry Day Boat Sea Scallops, pan-seared or grilled
  • Colossal Cooked Shrimp Cocktail
  • Colossal Raw Shrimp, skewered with pineapples and grilled
  • Signature Crab Cakes, chopped into smaller bites and baked
  • Garlic Herb Butter, melted for dipping


  1. Begin by placing the Colossal Cooked Shrimp Cocktail on the rim of a serving bowl filled with ice. 
  2. Arrange mustard greens on the board and then nestle two perfectly steamed Gulf of Maine Lobsters alongside a bowl of melted garlic herb butter.
  3. Next, season and pan-sear Dry Day Boat Sea Scallops in butter. Followed by the Signature Crab Cakes, cut into bite-sized pieces and baked until golden.
  4. To complete the spread, add the grilled Colossal Raw Shrimp with pineapple skewers. Garnish with sprigs of parsley.
  5. Add accompanying sauces, lemon wedges for squeezing, toothpicks for easy serving, and shell-cracking tools as the perfect finishing touch guests. Enjoy!


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