Comparing Sleepy and Dead Lobsters

Did you know there are great ways to see if your lobster is dead or if it is just sleepy?

Follow these key steps and you will be an expert in no time!

  1. Hold your lobster up. A live lobster’s claws will stay in an upright and curled position. The claws should not flop backwards.
  2. Pull out the lobster’s tail. A live lobster will curl its tail back up or you will feel resistance.
  3. Lay the lobster on its stomach. A live lobster’s tail will be firmly attached to its body.
  4. Lay the lobster on its back. A live lobster's swimmers will be firmly attached and facing down. The body underneath the tail will not be sucked in.
  5. Cook your lobster. Break open the shell to examine the meat. If the lobster is dead, the meat will be mushy and have a spoiled smell.
  6. If this occurs, your lobster is dead and is not safe to consume.

Not even garlic butter will be able to fix a dead lobster, but we can! Reach out to us at online and we would be happy to help.


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