Grilled Lobster Rolls

Summer’s not over yet! Fire up the grill for @embersonlybbq showstopper take on our Lobster Roll Kit!


Warm up skillet to medium heat and grill to 350 degrees. 

Top lobster with five heaping spoonful's of the Legal Sea Foods roasted garlic butter (sold separately), homemade compound butter or butter/ghee.  

Place lobster on grill and cook until butter has melted down and lobster is warmed, approximately 10-15 minutes.  

Melt one stick of butter or several spoonful's of ghee. Rub on one side of the bun and place butter side down on skillet for 30-45 seconds until browned. Then butter opposite side and repeat.  

To serve, spoon warmed, buttered lobster on the buns and top with more melted butter and/or the provided lemon mayonnaise. Add a squeeze of lemon table-side and enjoy!  



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