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Colossal Raw Shrimp

Colossal Raw Shrimp

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A Legal Classic – these sweet, farm-raised white shrimp are all-natural, and 4-star BAP certified. These shrimp are tail on, peeled, deveined, and ready to cook. Includes a side of our Kung Pao Sauce.

Quantity: 2 lbs, 16/20 shrimp per pound

Serves: 5-6


13-15 shrimp / pound

Allergens: Shellfish (shrimp)

Preparation & Handling

Thawing: Thaw in refrigerator overnight or for 8 hours. Once thawed, drain water from container. For quicker thawing, place shrimp in a colander under cold running water for 3-5 minutes or until thawed; drain shrimp.

Handling: Do not refreeze. Thawed shrimp can be stored under refrigeration for up to two days. Once thawed, pat dry of any excess moisture.

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